Top 25 LinkedIn Groups for P&R Professionals

187 million professionals from 200 countries use LinkedIn to network. But beyond the profile is another great tool: LinkedIn groups. Members set up groups around specific topics in order to gather like-minded people into one place for discussion and information sharing.

The groups that we are highlighting today allow you to network with other rec professionals, stay on top of technology, marketing, programming and budgeting trends; and contribute to discussions and ideas. Although the ranking isn’t scientific, I balanced relevance, discussions and number of members to make the selections. Click each group to learn more and to join: Continue reading

City of Leduc Launches the First Online Event Calendar in Canada

The City of Leduc and its community partners have launched one online calendar to serve the entire community. The new event website – – pulls in events from multiple sources across the city into one simplistic view. This is the first synchronized technology in Canada that combines events from the city, library, development authority, and chamber of commerce (and more organizations in the future). With the new calendar, citizens and visitors do not have to search through multiple sources to get a view of the day’s activities.
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4 Parks & Rec and YMCA Blogs to Learn From

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What comes to mind when you think of a blogger? If an image of a techie posting thoughts from his basement comes to mind, your imagination deceives you. In today’s digital world, blogging can be a powerful marketing tool if done correctly. A blog is a combination of search engine optimization, social media, and a news engine all wrapped into one.

Here are four blogs to check out that will give you some guidance in launching your own blog:   Continue reading

7 New Recreation Programs for Your Organization to Try

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People like “new.” And to stay on the cutting edge of programming, parks and recreation agencies are always looking to improve their classes and events. New and different program ideas are exciting and can increase participation and revenue. Today, we’ll outline seven new and/or little-known recreation programs and sports that you could offer at your facilities: Continue reading

How to Manage Your P&R Agency Better, Faster, and Easier

parks and rec softwareBuilding a healthier community is the ultimate goal for a parks and recreation agency. But in the past few years, budget and staff cuts have made it harder to focus on that goal given the time spent on day-to-day rec management. However, technology can help parks and recreation agencies manage processes better, faster, and easier:     Continue reading

How to Set up Google Place Pages for Your Facilities

Google has all types of search tools. From regular search to social search, videos, news, images, shopping, books, and others, it can be overwhelming. But today, we’re going to make it simple for recreation agencies or anyone who manages physical facilities and parks. Each gym, park, rec center, and pool can have it’s own Google place page that will appear in Google’s results. It’s easy to set up, powerful, and free:      Continue reading

NRPA and Sprite Team up to ‘Spark Parks’ across the Country

Many great basketball players fall in love with the game in the park. Just as Kentucky polished off its eight national championship with three freshman and two sophomores leading the way, NRPA (National Recreation and Park Association) and Sprite® have teamed up to revitalize courts across America. And you have a say in what court gets the best face lift!

What it is

Sprite® Sparks Parks is a program that will re-build 25 basketball courts across the country. Ten of those courts will receive $15,000 based on your votes.   Continue reading

PBS KIDS Day in the Park Encourages Outdoor Activities

Spring is here and an initiative by PBS and the National Recreation and Park Association promotes a fun way for families to get outdoors. From March 26 to April 20, 2012 (leading up to Earth Day), PBS KIDS is showing themed on-air programming and local events to encourage kids to explore the outdoors and learn about the environment.         Continue reading

The City of San Diego Goes Paperless with Parks and Recreation Software

San Diego Parks and Rec

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The City of San Diego is making it easier for citizens to get active. By partnering with Active Network, Communities the city has decided to automate its parks and recreation operations to help P & R staff save time and make it easier for people to register online. From facility reservations and park permitting to payment processing and e-commerce, San Diego has decided to manage its operations through parks and recreation software.

Here is what the City of San Diego manages:    Continue reading

8 Steps for Effective Email Campaigns

Email is an inexpensive and effective way to communicate with members of your community. Most (or all) of you probably use email marketing to spread the word about your events, classes, programs, and news. However, do you have a strategy in place? In this article, we’ll cover eight necessary steps you should take to ensure that your email marketing is on track for success.

1. Collect email addresses: Gather email addresses at every opportunity. Request permissions at front desks, events, courses, and with service forms, surveys, and contests.   Continue reading