What Recreation Professionals Need to Know About Marketing (Part II)

This is part two of Archie’s guest blog post. Click here to read the first.

Social Marketing: Different than social media, social marketing seeks to influence social behavior to the benefit the target market and general society rather than the organization. At one time, social marketing was considered to be exclusively for public and non-profit organizations. Primarily it was designed to promote public awareness campaigns, social causes or to introduce behavior change. However, social marketing is also used by commercial organizations. For example, for-profit fitness clubs are not only utilized for exercise and physical development, but also as environments for rebuilding balance to one’s life.  Continue reading

What Recreation Professionals Need to Know About Marketing (Guest Post)

This is a guest post from Archie Trader III. For 7 years, Archie has been the Recreation Program Manager at the Stanton Community Center (SCC), an Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department facility located in Annapolis, MD. He has a BS Degree in Physical Education (concentration in recreation). He chose this career because it gives him the opportunity to affect the lives of youth in the City of Annapolis and surrounding areas. 

Archie’s ACTIVE is walking, biking, exercising and swimming.
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