Top 10 Tips to Turn Your Website into Your Strongest Marketing Tool

With 245 million internet users across the United States accessing the web from their computers, phones, and tablets, it’s clear that your website should be the centerpiece of your recreation marketing. People within your community can access your website around the clock, saving time for your staff and improving the experience for your customers. To make sure your website is functioning like a well-oiled marketing machine, follow these ten tips:

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Facebook Timeline is Coming: 5 Ways to Prepare and Prosper

facebook's timeline cover image

From videos to tweets, blog posts to pictures and every type of media in between, you can build your recreation brand through social media. And the new Facebook Timeline will help you tell your story and connect with the community in a more interactive way.    Continue reading

5 Tips for Building a Recreation Brand

Building a Recreation BrandSay the name of your parks and recreation group out loud. What comes to mind? Better yet, try the exercise with members of your community and ask them what words, colors, and images pop up. That’s your brand.

Although recreation brands are a relatively new concept, those parks and recreation groups that actively work on their brands are realizing the benefits. A strong recreation brand helps your organization stand out from the crowd by creating a positive identity that your community can relate to. Continue reading