5 Thought-Provoking Discussions from IPRA’s 2013 Conference

At the end of January, IPRA (Illinois Park and Recreation Association) hosted its annual conference in Chicago. The ‘Soaring to New Heights’ Conference brought together over 4,000 P&R professionals, elected officials, students, and vendors for a tradeshow, workshops, meetings and more. A few of us from ACTIVE headed out for the three-day conference, and saw some trends taking place.

Here are some of our favorite topics that were bouncing around at IRPA 2013:  Continue reading

3 Predictions for Rec Professionals to Watch in 2013

Source healthhabits.caA new year is the perfect opportunity for some bold predictions. Maybe your bold predictions come in the form of resolutions (I plan to start the next Facebook and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime by February), but on our blog we’re going to stick to what we know: parks and recreation. So today, you’ll read about three trends you’ll notice in 2013. Whether you work at a YMCA, a parks and recreation agency or a campus rec department, think about how your organization can capitalize:

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4 Parks & Recreation Trend Reports You May Have Missed

Over the last few months, a few organizations have covered new trends in recreation. Whether conducting a survey, doing some research or commenting on the industry overall, these organizations have released some interesting data. Today, we will consolidate these resources so you can check out the ones that interest you the most. Here they are: Continue reading

The Secrets Google Is Keeping About Your Members

Here’s a scenario to think about today: You offer tons of programs over four seasons of the year, so you have a good idea of what classes, times, and parts of the year are popular with your customers. You know when people register. But do you know when your customers get motivated to register?

To find the answer to that question (as is the case with many questions these days), just Google it. Actually, “Google Trends” it. Google Trends is a tool that shows how search volumes change over time. YMCAs, for example, can put in different search terms to see the peaks and valleys of the term through Google. That way, you know when your customers want to kick off a new journey of exercise and can market to them in a timely way. Continue reading

7 Great Resources for Parks & Recreation Trends

Everyday it seems like a social network is launched, thousands of apps are released, and a new type of workout is spreading across the country. In the parks and recreation world, it’s important to keep up with the changes so that you can offer the best programs and services for your constituents. As a P&R pro, check out the seven resources listed below in order to stay on top of news, trends, and tips within the industry. (If you already subscribe to most of these, use this article as a way to keep your resources organized):

1. Parks & Recreation Magazine

NRPA’s publication has helped park professionals serve the public for 50 years by providing key issues, trends, and advice about American parks, recreation, and conservation.   Continue reading