15 Organic Metrics Your Recreation Organization Needs to Track

If you’re a stats geek, you like dissecting numbers from Google Analytics, email clickthrough rates and Facebook Insights. But numbers, metrics and statistics can no longer be the interest of just the geeks. Every marketer has to dig into the numbers to determine their promotional effectiveness.

Last week, we talked about the parks and recreation marketing funnel. Wherever you put Analytics in the funnel, it needs to be part of your process. Here are fifteen organic (marketing you don’t directly spend on) metrics to track, tweak, and test for your recreation marketing: Continue reading

How to Set up Google Place Pages for Your Facilities

Google has all types of search tools. From regular search to social search, videos, news, images, shopping, books, and others, it can be overwhelming. But today, we’re going to make it simple for recreation agencies or anyone who manages physical facilities and parks. Each gym, park, rec center, and pool can have it’s own Google place page that will appear in Google’s results. It’s easy to set up, powerful, and free:      Continue reading

Get Found in Google (Part II): What to Do on Your Website

SEO on page optimization

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Now that you have your keyword list created (see part 1 about how to find the right keywords), it’s time to start putting them on your website in the right places. Use your categories of keywords to organize and update your website into more organized groups. From there, you need to make a new page for each keyword that isn’t covered on your website and re-do pages that can be tailored to target other keywords. This way, you can target one keyword per page on your website. Google reads individual pages of your website and will send traffic directly to a page that best fits a search.  Continue reading

Get Found in Google (Part I): How to Find the Right Keywords

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When looking for information, where do you go? If you answered Yellow Pages, you’re probably one of the last few holdouts. But if you said a search engine, you’re in the overwhelming majority. People are searching for organizations, programs, classes, and events like yours on the web every day. Today, we’ll talk about how to get your website to show up in search results.   Continue reading