$44 return for every $1 you spend on email marketing

That’s typical for this consistently powerful and cost-effective method of connecting with your community and growing your organization. ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager’s camp email marketing tools can help make that potential a reality.

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Beautiful Emails Increase Engagement

It’s a fact that books are judged by their covers and your company is judged by the visual impression your communications leave.

Create striking emails using our pre-built email templates or customize and save templates with your logo, camp photo, and contact info. Upload your own images or choose from our gallery to attract immediate attention.


Automated Campaigns and Communications Give You Back Time to Focus on Your Campers

Put the power of automation to work for you. Create (or choose) your message, select recipients from your imported contacts list, schedule for the most optimal day and time…and go! You can include multiple attachments and mail merge for personalized emails sent in bulk. And CAN-SPAM compliance for opt-outs is managed automatically.

If You Put Social Media Buttons, They Will Click

Word of mouth marketing is the most trusted kind among today’s consumers. You can increase the likelihood of friends telling friends about your organization by easily including share buttons, right in your emails. Why miss even one opportunity for your fans to put your program just one click away from their fans!


Targeting and Segmenting Your Emails Builds Trust and Loyalty

Why wake the whole neighborhood when you just need to contact one select group? When you segment your list, based on the need of the moment, you can easily let your camp directors or teachers email their group roster before sessions start or make a quick announcement just to those who need it. Results: Recipients never feel spammed, open rates go up, and unsubscribes go down.

Automatic 'Abandoned Cart' Emails Let You Contact Those On The Fence

How many people almost signed up that you never knew about? It’s impossible to know, right? Not anymore! Now, you get another chance to reach out—without lifting a finger—to those individuals who dropped off during registration or purchase. Everyone gets sidetracked, but now you can offer potential customers a second chance at your program and move the needle back in your favor.


saved registrations because of follow up emails


increase in participants


Built-In Email Analytics Help You Craft Messages That Get Read

Nobody communicates with smoke signals anymore, hoping someone sees and deciphers the message. And modern marketers don’t just send emails. They track the performance of every email: Who opened it? Who clicked which links? This kind of information helps you know how to send follow-up messages and experiment with different elements to get more responses.

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