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Darren Blakeley, Co-Founder and General Manager
Online registration increases participation in a New Year’s group challenge
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Singapore's UFIT stepped up the New Year's resolution gym fervor with its Clean & Lean Challenge. The four week program gathers people searching for a healthier lifestyle. UFIT provides fitness and nutrition coaching, along with community support to help participants meet their goals and create lasting change.

Streamlining Systems

In the beginning, UFIT had several training programs, nutrition programs and boot camps in place—each with its own registration and payment system. There was no centralized system for the Clean & Lean Challenge. Additionally, UFIT was juggling both phone and in-person registrations. The fitness challenge called for a consolidated payment method.

Quick ROI

UFIT’s first four challenges had 95 participants. The fifth challenge, which employed ACTIVE’s event management software, had 155 participants. UFIT plastered the single registration link on all of its promotional materials, social media and emails and all traffic funneled to that site.

Going Forward

ACTIVE’s support teams work hard for organizations like UFIT–and it shows.

“On top of [the event management software’s ease of use and incredible growth in the fitness program’s registrations], the people at ACTIVE are really nice to work with.”
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