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Keeping organizations aligned and participants safe is top of mind as we all adapt operations to slow the spread of COVID-19.

There are a lot of uncertainties around how to effectively manage your upcoming sessions. We recognize that any decisions you make regarding these will have serious implications to your business, and staff well-being. Options to consider could include:

  • Moving sessions to online delivery  
  • Re-scheduling the missed dates in the future and honor the bookings
  • Postpone the sessions until you have received further clarity
  • Cancel the sessions and provide credit to use towards other bookings, or refund if applicable

ACTIVE is a proud partner for communities and activities around the world. To keep organizations moving forward please see the following list of COVID-19 resources, news, and more.

Helpful Links

Visit the Center of Disease of Control website

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Oct 4, 2022 9:41 AM
Templates and Guides
Latest COVID-19 Updates
How to Help Seniors in Your Community Understand Virtual Programs (& Technology)

Help your senior participants thrive with these tech tips and tricks.

Virtually Connecting With Seniors in Your Community

Involve seniors in your community by connecting with them virtually.

Ways to (Safely) Help Your Community Celebrate Senior Citizen Day

Virtual or safely distanced programs to show appreciation for senior citizens.

How to Stay Fit While Beating the Heat

With many facilities still closed, these programs help people stay fit during summer.

Celebrating Our Parks and Recreation Workers

A thank you to parks and recreation staff for their selfless work in giving back.

Marketing Tips for Your Fall Virtual After School Programs

Tips and tricks for making your fall virtual after-school programs stand out.

Throwback Summer Songs for the Whole Family

Wholesome summer songs that everyone from kiddos to adults will enjoy.

Ways to Increase Equity in Virtual Programming

How to help ensure your virtual programs are accessible for all types of students.

Spark Interest with Virtual July 4th Activities

Provide a sense of normalcy with these Fourth of July virtual activities.

How to Foster an Online Community

Especially during this challenging time, having an online community is vital.

ACTIVENet Product Enhancements Help Organizations Move Forward

The latest ACTIVENet updates can help organizations thrive among the new normal.

Getting Participants from Other Locations to Sign Up for Your Virtual Programs

The beauty of virtual programming is having no geographic boundaries to limit you.

Reasons to Continue Offering Virtual Programs After Re-Opening

Facilities starting to re-open doesn't mean virtual programs should be canceled.

Family-Friendly Virtual Activities for Father’s Day

Fun virtual activities to offer to help families celebrate Father's Day safely.

Converting Parents to the Idea of Virtual Camps

Ways to convince parents virtual summer camp is worth it, despite screen time.

Suggestions on How to Safely Resume In-Person Classes

Three simple suggestions for safely resuming in-person classes at your business.

Finding a New Normal for In-Person Instruction

Suggestions to keep in mind as you gear up your organization to re-open.

ACTIVE Network Spotify Playlist for Kids

Songs that kids love to keep them entertained and energized.

Being a Helper in Your Community During COVID-19

A look at how organizations are being helpers and how to help within your community.

Second City Meets the Needs of Their Students Virtually

Improv School brings programs online to reach participants during COVID-19.

How to Spot Signs of Stress in Children of Essential Workers

How to identify and address increased stress in children of essential workers.

WEBINAR: Marketing Your Virtual Programs

This webinar provides tips and tricks for maximizing your virtual programs' reach.

YMCA of Greater Seattle Serves Community During COVID-19

The YMCA of Greater Seattle works to help those in need during the pandemic.

Step-by-Step Guide for Marketing Virtual Events and Programs

Just like in-person offerings, marketing your virtual offerings is key to success.

How to Maintain a Safe Facility

With re-openings on the horizon, here's how to keep your facility clean and safe.

How to Utilize This Time to Optimize Your Database

Utilize any COVID-19 downtime to clean up your back end.

Getting Creative with Resources at YMCAs

Creative ways YMCAs can generate revenue during COVID-19 closures.

A Big Thank You to Our Heroes on National Superhero Day

ACTIVE Network wants to thank our nations true superheroes on National Superhero Day

Tips for Maintaining Member Engagement

Ways to stay engaged with your YMCA's members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ACTIVE Partners With Brain Chase to Help Programs Go Virtual

ACTIVE Network and Brain Chase partner to help transition your programs to virtual.

COVID-19: Keeping Your Organization Healthy

Tips and tricks for keeping your employees physically and mentally healthy.

Logistics of a Virtual YMCA After-School Program

Four things to consider when setting up your YMCA's virtual afterschool programs.

WEBINAR: Tips and Tricks for Successful Virtual Programs

Tips and tricks for bringing programs virtual and creating new ones.

Tips for Staying Safe on Biking and Walking Trails Amidst COVID-19 Concerns

Tips to share with your residents on how to stay safe on trails during COVID-19.

Communicating with Your Customers During COVID-19

Clear, concise and sympathetic messaging during COVID-19 is key.

Safety Precautions for Your YMCA Child Care Facility During COVID-19

Fun (and Safe) Activities for Children of Essential Workers at Daycare During COVID-19

Safe Outdoor Activities During COVID-19

Safe outdoor activities to share with your community members.

Montgomery County, Maryland Responds to COVID-19

Montgomery Co., Maryland shares advice on responding to COVID-19 in your community.

Webinar: 6 Hot Tech Trends to Add to Your Program

This webinar will cover the 6 hottest technology trends that programs can add.

ACTIVE Services and Your Organization During COVID-19

ACTIVE is committed in continuing to provide innovative solutions for evolving needs.

Deminar: Virtual Event Bags Live Demo

Keep up visibility with your sponsors when moving to a virtual race.

Suggesting Alternatives to Refunds During COVID-19

Alternatives to refunds you can propose to members and residents during COVID-19.

The Rise of the Virtual Event Bag

Virtual event bags have become key to remotely engaging participants and sponsors.

Why You Should Practice Social Distancing by Utilizing Your Local Park

Following strict social distancing guidelines does not mean you can't enjoy a park.

3 Keys to Communicating With Your Audience During COVID-19

During this uncertain time, transparent communication is of the utmost importance.

How Leaders Are Addressing COVID-19 in Local Government

NRPA discusses COVID-19 preparedness with top tier public sector agencies.

Managing Mass Participation Through COVID-19

An open letter from the ACTIVE Network team concerning COVID-19.

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