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captivate app managing facilities reservations
activenet managing facilities reservations

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Optimized Facility Scheduling

Effortlessly manage facility bookings and reservations to ensure smooth operations during peak times. ACTIVENet's user-friendly interface makes scheduling a breeze, allowing you to maximize facility usage without the hassle.

Engage Customers with Captivate

Enhance customer interaction and support with ACTIVENet's Captivate chat feature. Engage visitors in real-time, answer queries promptly, and provide exceptional customer service to elevate their experience.

Additional Features of CCM

Empower your organizations with ACTIVENet

Data-Driven Insights for Success

Harness the power of data and insights with ACTIVENet. Gain valuable analytics, track performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations and drive success during the busiest seasons.

Strategic Resource Allocation

Allocate resources effectively based on real-time data and insights. ACTIVENet empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize resource utilization, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Point of Sale

Whether your participants are registering for a class, booking a room, renting pool toys or buying an energy bar, ACTIVENet’s POS software lets them make payments anywhere within your facilities.

Membership Management

Manage all aspects of your member base through one cloud-based software system and save crucial hours for your staff.
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Lani Auwen, Phoenix Parks and Recreation
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