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Are you ready to take your endurance event to unparalleled heights? ACTIVEWorks Endurance presents a new frontier in race management efficiency and innovation. Through our enhanced team captain functionality, optimized giving workflows, and ingenious social referral rebates, your events will not only captivate participants but make a lasting impression.

The best events use ACTIVE.

Empower your races with the comprehensive ACTIVEWorks Endurance


Effective Event Management

Bid farewell to logistical headaches with our suite of integrated tools, making registration, operations, and analytics as smooth as the final sprint to the finish line.

Mobile Connectivity

Reach participants on the go and ensure they can engage seamlessly, anytime, anywhere, with our mobile-first interface.

Flexible Solutions

Our scalable pricing adapts to your events, big or small, so every stride forward is grounded in value and efficiency.

Dynamic Engagement and Revenue Tools

From Event Series Registration to customizable Race Pass options, we're in the business of blazing new revenue paths while maintaining the essence of your brand.

Volunteer Coordination and Participant Empowerment

Foster a community of contributors and satisfy participants' autonomy with intuitive volunteer management and self-service tools.

Innovative Marketing and Reporting

Make informed decisions with robust analytics that dissect every metric and marketing strategies that put you in the driver's seat of audience engagement.
Unmatched Support across the Board
We champion events of all magnitudes with precision timing solutions, expansive support, and flawless integration, ensuring a race day without a hitch.

Revolutionary team captain functionality

Elevate teamwork to its zenith with new capabilities that afford captains the freedom to choose team structures, manage finances, and sustain communication effortlessly. The robust admin features guarantee exceptional oversight, catering to every facet of team management with precision and ease.

Captains now relish the flexibility of pre-payment options and the convenience of robust team oversight, while administrators can revel in unfettered control over team types, seamless payment processing, and the potential to magnify engagement and registration ease.

Optimized donation workflow

Enhanced donation mechanisms streamline participant contributions, assuring each act of generosity is as trouble-free as it is impactful. With mobile-friendly interfaces and intuitive, pre-filled forms, we've refined the philanthropic experience to mirror the grace of your event's motions.

Social referral rebates

Fuel new growth through the power of community—a nudge from your participants can cascade into waves of new registrants. Our social referral rebates entice with financial rewards, morphing each participant into an avid ambassador for your cause. It's a new era for endurance event management. With ACTIVEWorks Endurance, you're not just planning races; you're pioneering experiences that resonate beyond the finish line.

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Kathy Matejka, Event Services Director at USAT
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