How a Recommitment to Learning Led to Major Financial Returns

front desk rec center croppedI’m a Quicken® user; I have been for more than 20 years. Truth be told, however, I only use a fraction of Quicken’s amazing capabilities. I love it and it helps me keep my checkbook and taxes in order, but I sometimes wonder how much more I would love it if I knew how to use all the budgeting and investment tools, too.

That’s where Corey Larriva was with ACTIVE Net in 2010. As Business Services Coordinator at Marana Parks & Recreation in Arizona, Corey saw that the department had a wealth of management tools at its disposal and, for 6 years, had only been using a small percentage of them.

Corey led the charge of diving with the staff into learning all that ACTIVE Net could do and implemented the software as an all-in-one business tool, not just a one-off solution for a few tasks. Going back to the drawing board took time, but in the end, even Corey was surprised at the results.

They cleaned up the department’s systems, centralized reporting, got everyone on the same page and saw immediate results:

  • 10-hour time savings a week
  • Automatic upload of relevant data to the city’s finance department
  • Elimination of facilities doublebooking and significant reduction in paper booking forms
  • 85% increase in total revenue

Marana case study thumbnail imageThose are just the highlights of Corey’s and Marana Parks & Rec’s story.

Download the case study to learn how he decreased the annual print budget by 85% (from $10,000 to $1,500), increased registrations at Marana’s Egg Nog Jog by 487% in four years…and so much more!