3 Tools of Highly Effective Community Organizations

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Paper. What would we do without paper? It’s the cornerstone of art, love letters, to-go cups and toilet paper – seemingly life as we know it. Heck, it’s even the gift category for your one-year wedding anniversary.


When it comes to business, paper is less a gift and more akin to a nightmare. Managing your organization’s administration, operations, memberships and reporting on paper is messy, error-riddled and an all-around pain in the neck. If you find yourself sifting and sorting, stacking and shuffling, editing and noting paper, it’s time for a change.

Highly effective community organizations do not touch the same piece of paper twice. Instead, they rely on much more productive tools, three in particular.


Say goodbye to multiple records, excel sheets, filing cabinets and iterations that need constant (and duplicative) updating. Say goodbye to hunting for answers. Centralizing your data means there is one place for everything:

  • One place everyone in your organization can access.
  • One place to maintain.
  • One place to draw the information you need like profiles, membership, groups, programs, activities and payment histories.

This “virtual filing cabinet” keeps everything in its place, organized and clean. Imagine pulling a report and fully trusting its integrity because you are confident in its accuracy. Highly effective organizations do just this because their data is centralized.

2. AUTOMATIONAutomate 2

How much is your time worth? It’s unrealistic to think we can eliminate all day-to-day administrative tasks, but the reality is, the more time you spend on maintenance and administrivia, the less time you and your team can innovate, improve and build new initiatives and programs. Automating as much as you can is a sure-fire way to preserve more time for what really matters.

Take a minute to estimate the amount of time your organization spends on these tasks. Automating these functions can change your time, and therefore your business.

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The Cloud is the cherry on top of your organizational effectiveness; it’s HOW you can be centralized, automated and able to access your business anytime, anywhere, from any device. It’s the ultimate business convenience.

Imagine being on site at an event and pulling up exactly what you need with the click of a button. Imagine a team who can connect and communicate no matter where they are. Even imagine a customer who manages his or her own account information from the kitchen counter, office or coffee shop.

Cloud-based technology is what brings your business to anyone, anywhere. It’s safe, it’s easy and it’s a necessary tool if you want to improve your organizational effectiveness.

Ready to free yourself from paper chains? Our software specialists can help you find the best ways to streamline your administration and elevate your effectiveness. Your business runs, but isn’t it time to hit your stride?

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