Does Email Marketing Still Work? [Infographic]

Email-Marketing-Infographic header

As we move further into the age of social media, many of you may be wondering if channeling energy into email marketing is worth it. It may not feel as cutting edge, but the truth is, email is still king. In a saturated online market a smart, well-timed email is one of the best ways to engage your community. No doubt, a diversified marketing approach is always wise, but for a customizable, inexpensive and personal form of communication, keep email as your kingpin.

ACTIVE Net Email-Marketing-Infographic

So we’ve made our point: Email is still relevant. But what if you’re still concerned email marketing isn’t yielding the results you want to see? For email to work, the message needs to be spot on and well-timed. Recipients need to open it, click through and feel compelled to respond. If you feel your emails could use a tune-up, check out our free Email Marketing Webinar so you can make the most of your email efforts.