3 Easy Third-Party Marketing Tools Your Audience Will Love

ENGAGED blog imageIn our last post, we compared your organization’s relationship with your customers and community to dating. As with dating, the next step is sometimes to become “engaged.”

And as with a formal engagement, if you want to keep your participants coming back next year, you’ve got to stay connected to them (or their parents). And you have to start now to keep the conversation at the top of their minds. And you have to keep it interesting. Just like in “real” relationships.

Besides the great tools available in ACTIVE Net, here are some really useful and fun ways to stay connected with your folks:


Video is a powerful but easy way to tell your story and this tool is “da bomb!” BombBomb lets you easily embed a video right into your email. It provides open rates, click-through rates, and view rates, so you can know how your recipients are interacting with your messages.


This simple tool lets you send out a quick survey to determine—while the experience is fresh—how your participants feel about their time in your prorams. Poll parents to get feedback about concerns or new programs they’d like to see in future seasons. Or just do a fun poll of top favorite movies of the summer to garner some interesting newsletter content!

Pixiom:pixiom logo

You know firsthand how involved today’s parents are with their kids. They want to see camp and program pictures almost in real-time. This one-stop-shop lets you quickly upload pictures directly from your camera and tags the child so parents can quickly find them!

These tools make your job easier, delight your customers and parents and keep them engaged. Start using them now and get results!