How to Get Started with Social Media (and How Not to!)

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Social Media is Social

Social media for business can easily become all about “leveraging” “platforms” to “engage” “prospects.” If your strategy contains these words, I suggest you do a Do-Re-Mi and start at the very beginning with your mindset toward social media. Rewind and recognize that it’s:

  1. SOCIAL.
  3. A little like DATING.

Use Social Media to “Court” your audience

Dating is about putting your best foot forward to capture interest—usually within a short time span. So we make a good plan, dress to impress, and do our best to keep the conversation going.

In marketing, social media is one way we court our audience. With each post, we draw in the reader—or we don’t. Here are some tips for making the best impression:

Make it fun

Much of social media is about celebrating the good life: Glimpses of beauty, moments of laughter, quips of wisdom. Social media posts should join the virtual party. Express the joy of what you do in bite-sized portions—without going too deep, selling too hard, or making it all about you. In dating we often take a similar approach: Draw her in with charm and style; more depth comes later.

Make it visual

Like it or not, a strong visual turns heads—so dress it up a little. Make the most of your content by posting lots of photos, images, and videos. Explore visual media platforms like Instagram and Vine, the six-second video platform. Platforms are constantly evolving, so ask your kids to keep you in the know. (We don’t recommend asking them for dating advice, however.)

Keep it short

Think about how you peruse social media. You’re in a checkout line, a waiting room, or a parking lot. Your thumb hovers above the screen, poised to move to the next post—fast. So keep it brief. Short posts are the most shared: 100 characters for Twitter and 40 characters for Facebook are recommended.1

In dating terms, you want to leave your date wanting more, right? Don’t overstay your welcome.

Make a plan

A good plan gives you an edge—it’s that simple. Use a calendar to build posts around important deadlines. Find interesting content to coordinate with your messaging needs. This template gives you a good place to start.

Now, go get ’em.



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