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We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to information-gathering, so we want to make sure we deliver the best array of resources we can round up!

In true blog fashion, consider these…

10 Reasons to Subscribe

1. Firstly, when we say “subscribe,” we mean more than just ‘read our stuff.’ We mean that we share a mission with you and want to support you! (as defined by the dictionary’s second entry, below)

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2. The Roundup comes right to your inbox every other week. You don’t have to try to remember to visit the blog and we don’t hit you daily like many other organizations.

3. You get a hand-picked selection of three of our latest and/or most popular blogposts to choose from–or an article from somewhere else that we think you’ll love. Read just the ones that spark your attention, or read them all. Your choice!

4. You’ll always receive new choices, not articles recycled from past Roundups. We may even include upcoming learning opportunities we think you’d like.

5. It doesn’t cost you a dime! And you’ll have lots of opportunities to get industry alerts, free resources for marketing, connecting with customers, understanding social media, and a preview of product news.

6. We’ll never share your details with anybody else.

7. If you change your mind, unsubscribing is almost easier than subscribing in the first place. There’s an unsubscribe button at the bottom of every Roundup. (We’ll do our best to see to it that you don’t need it!)

8. You can be an industry mentor to others! Easily share the articles by simply forwarding the Roundup email or clicking social media buttons within the blogposts.

9. You get the opportunity to shape the content of the blog by letting us know what was valuable, what wasn’t, and what you’d like to read more about. There’s a feedback button where you can share your thoughts in an email straight to our blog editor, Gina Calvert!

10. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

  • Stories from your peers
  • Stories about ways our products are helping our customers help their customers or grow their organizations (like this Parks & Rec directors’ strategy that increased one event’s attendance by 487% in 4 years.)
  • An opportunity to share your story (We’re ALWAYS looking for new stories!)
  • Upcoming events, industry insights and guestposts
  • Lots of free resources!

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