4 Financial Benefits of a Recreation Management Solution

More kids. More fun. More revenue blog imageAcross the country, Parks and Rec departments are being asked to do more with less. These challenges aren’t unique to you. They’re universal.

Offering new and dynamic programs to your community in this financial climate can be a daunting task. We know because we’ve asked. We’ve asked you what stands in your way and the answers have come back loud, clear and consistent. It’s a challenge to:

  • Efficiently manage operations
  • Drive participation and fill activities
  • Capture data insight to help you be more business-wise
  • Minimize your costs

Financial Benefits CTARead our third-party customer audit report: The Financial Benefits of a Recreation Management Solution.

Departments without modern systems in place are simply feeling burdened by administrivia.
Now, let’s get to the good news.

Existing customers of ACTIVE Net have identified four benefits they’ve experienced from upgrading their software solution:

Saving TIME through Improved Operations Management

Time is money, so it pays to look at consistent and impactful ways to save time.

Imagine taking some of your most time-consuming tasks — facilitating participant registration and facilities books — and AUTOMATING them. Allowing residents to manage their participation through online, self-serve processes reduces staff involvement by at least 20%. Some organizations have reported much higher gains in staff efficiency in specific areas (such as 100% reduction in time spent on facilities booking), as well as easily getting by with fewer full time employees.

Other areas that will see time-savings include cash-handling, communications and payment collection.

Increasing REVENUE through Improved Participation

Online activity enrollment or facility reservation makes it easy for participants to sign up wherever, whenever. That means they could be engaging while you’re sleeping! In fact, one city’s Parks & Rec department saw $50,000 in registrations pour in between midnight and 1am on their first night online. This wasn’t even an option before!

Tech-savvy customers actually prefer a self-service approach and are more likely to participate more when the process is easy and frictionless. Another upside is that outstanding payments become a non-issue.

And targeted, automated communications allow you to put specific offers right in the hands of those most likely to be interested. Email marketing alone yields an average 44% ROI.

Catalyzing GROWTH through Improved Data Insight

This is an area with multiple financial benefits. First, with automated, integrated reports, you’re saving in the area of time and efficiency from a data-gathering perspective. (And remember: Time is money!) Data that used to take multiple hair-pulling days to retrieve can effortlessly be at your fingertips every morning.

Beyond that, however, having visibility into your community’s activities behavior and how your programs are performing can fire up your creativity to implement data-driven, game-changing strategies. Zero limits!

Boosting ROI through Reduced Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the invisible elephant in the room. All of the above categories contribute to TCO, but the easiest to quantify is the savings of a fully hosted SaaS system over a self-hosted system. You’re looking at 100% reduction in the cost of database and webservers! Harder to calculate but real, nonetheless, are the costs of inefficiency, staff or customer frustration, unexpected outages, and declining participation rates.

Don’t forget the enormous time and financial savings of not having to manage PCI compliance on your own. Our customers report reduced overall compliance costs of 75% by saving time to run credit card transactions and draft reports, and by eliminating the cost of upgrading all computers to be in compliance.

Need to See Some Real Numbers?

A sample Parks & Rec department with $1m in revenue managed by ACTIVE Net, four registration and facility staff, five membership management staff, processing $500,000 annually through credit cards and spending $30,000 per year on PCI can realize benefits over $150,000 per year from an investment in ACTIVE Net. For this sample Parks & Rec department, the three-year investment totaling $196,000 generates a positive return in 9.1 months.

P&R Financial Benefits pie chart 

We know you want to run a successful business and enjoy your work along the way. Following the lead of other Parks and Rec departments, you can transform your challenges and change the way your department runs. ACTIVE Net can help you get there.

Read the full report: The Financial Benefits of a Recreation Management Solution.