How to Free Up 20 Hours a Week in Your Parks & Rec Department

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What would you do if you could free up 20 extra hours of work – per week – for your staff? Perhaps you’d invest in training and program development. Maybe you’d put more time into creative marketing and community engagement. Whatever it is, it’d be a GOOD problem to have, both for your staff and your business.

Chaska case study CTA graphicWhen the Chaska Community Center signed up with ACTIVE Net, this wasn’t a question they were asking.

Located in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, they had substantial programs in motion such as park rentals, hockey leagues and child care offerings. Their problem wasn’t enrollment. They had a community full of active members who loved the great outdoors, parks and of course, hockey. Minnesotans love their hockey.

Their problem was finding the time to manage it all.

Find out how your Parks & Rec can free up staff hours.

Bringing their park rentals online, alone, resulted in a 100% decrease in administrative time for that division.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As we all know, time is money. And when you save time you earn…You guessed it! Revenue.

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Bringing registration and payment online has been the most valuable change for the center. Tracking down payments from all those hockey-loving families was a real challenge, but now they collect 100% of their registration revenue on time.


View or download the case study to see how it all happened, and start your own wish list.

20 extra hours a week could be yours, too.

Chaska case study CTA graphic