10 Steps to Finding the Right Software for Your School

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Technology shouldn’t be the focus of your business. It should be the silent partner in your operations, keeping things humming along without becoming your all in all. But it’s not always that easy, is it? In fact, sometimes, it’s life-changing – and not in a good way. For example:

Did you hear the one about the upgrade that made a phone waterproof?

A few people got soaked believing this story:

ios waterproof spoof

Source: 4chan (rumored)

Crazy Tech Stories

Back in 2013, when the iPhone’s iOS 7 system upgrade was announced, a beautiful Apple-like ad came out claiming that the new operating system had a switch that shut off the phone if it was submerged in water, making it waterproof. There had already been rumors of Apple tinkering around with legitimate ways to make their next iPhone waterproof, so the spoof (rumored to be launched by pranksters on the 4chan message board) was an easy sell for some people. They bought the story (excuse the pun) hook, line and sinker.

We think their plight points to a problem we all have with not only technology, but also marketing about technology: What can you believe?

Software that Fits Your Business

No company worth its salt really wants to sell you software that isn’t a good fit for your organization. There’s too much expense of closing the sale, implementation, and support if it’s ultimately not going to serve you well.

That’s why, for the sake of the long term interest of both your company and ours, we like to provide resources that help you make sure you know what you need and find what you’re looking for.

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What you’ll find:

  • Who to include in your evaluation process
  • How to make sure your decision works for the long term
  • Why you should consider the total cost of ownership and not just the price of the software

…and more!

If you’re considering new class management software, start with the free checklist.

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