9th Annual Charity Challenge: ACTIVE Employees Get Kids in the Game

9th annual ACTIVEx charity challenge header

One thing about ACTIVE Network: We walk the talk!

Our Employee Engagement Program, ACTIVEx, is a dynamic program that constantly provides employees a lot of fun ways to band together to maintain healthy physical and mental habits. But it’s more than that!

Giving back and getting others on board our healthy lifestyles mission is a critical part of ACTIVEx. And every year, we kick that mission into high gear with our annual ACTIVEx Charity Challenge, where racing + fundraising = fundracing!

Fundracing for KIDS in the GAME

KIDS in the GAME is the perfect partner to help make the world more active. KIDS in the GAME makes sure our funds provide access to sports for underprivileged kids in OUR neighborhoods. They also provide us with impact data so we know exactly how many kids we’ve helped get active.

Our Charity Challenge History

This is our 9th Charity Challenge and our 8th year partnering with KIDS in the GAME. In that time, we’ve collectively raised $414,241, getting 4,260 kids involved in over 102,000 hours of activity.

Our 2016 Goals

$50 gets one kid in the game…and our goal this year is 1,200 kids. That’s $60,000 – to beat our 2015 total of $46,997. Our employees are gearing up now to challenge themselves to push their limits and get active together. Our goal is 100 finishers.

ACTIVE X charity challengeThe Event – U.S. OPEN TRIATHLON & 5K

This year we’ve partnered with U.S. Open – Triathlon. When we say partner, we mean it. The U.S. Open – Triathlon uses ACTIVE technology to power their event, which will take place on October 16, 2016 in Rockwall Harbor, Texas. Our employees will be participating in a 5k walk/run, a sprint triathlon, or a super sprint triathlon, or they’ll be there as volunteers.

We’d love for you to come out and root for us, donate to KIDS in the GAME, or start your own charity challenge!

Stay tuned for our race day results on October 18!