How Much Time + Money + Paper + Maintenance Are You Spending – on FORMS? [Infographic]

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If you host kids’ programs, you’re dealing with a cornucopia of forms – registration forms, release forms, medical forms, emergency forms, and more – most likely stored in stacks and folders and binders and files and cabinets and closets. (Sounds like the makings of a Dr. Suess book!)

Do the Math

Our friends at ePact did the math of this paper madness. They explored the scope of spending that all those paper forms require, ranging from dollars and trees to management and maintenance. They also researched the savings you can achieve with ePact technology when forms are digitized, streamlined, and accessible online.

Take a scroll through ePact’s infographic to find out:

  • How much TIME paper forms are really costing you
  • How much MONEY paper forms are really costing you (and the Earth)
  • The MAINTENANCE implications of paper forms

ePACT - Reality of Paper Forms

Download infographic

When you factor in all the hidden costs of any process or resource, you’ll arrive closer at the total cost of ownership of that aspect of your operations, which makes decisions like program management software a little more apples-to-apples.

ePact logoWe invite you to explore our partner ePact, for not only time and resource savings, but also greater security and efficiency for your customers and members.