What to Do When Your Software is at “End-of-Life”

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No one loves hearing that their software is being “End-of-Life’d”. It means change is coming. And most people hate change.

However, in most cases, a product being phased out has an upside: Something better has been created! 
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Some organizations dread software transitions so much that they hold on ’til the bitter end.

Others, like the City of Redmond, Washington, take a proactive stance. They saw early notification of the sunset of ACTIVE’s Class solution as an opportunity to get ahead of the curve, take the urgency out of the inevitable transition, and to reevaluate their options. They wondered if other solutions than ACTIVE Network could better meet their needs, and decided to look around.

RFP Makes Choices Clear

We were impressed with the City of Redmond’s strategic evaluation of potential new solutions, along with ACTIVE Net, ACTIVE Network’s replacement solution for Class. They launched a comprehensive RFP process that helped them quickly shortlist their choices. Ultimately, their search led them back to ACTIVE. Learn about the city’s RFP parameters.

Best Opening Day Ever

The city’s launch was ACTIVE Net’s first test – which it passed with flying colors! Not only did the city bring in an unprecedented amount of revenue between midnight and 1am on opening day – because all registrations were 100% self-serve and required no assistance to complete in the morning – but also, they netted $25,000 more than the previous year for the same period.

Staff Thumbs Up

The ultimate test, of course, is usability. Training staff on new software is always an aspect to consider and plan for, but Ryan Spencer, the city’s Business Office Administrator, was pleased with “how intuitive the system is for both our customers and our staff, even those who aren’t tech savvy.” He listed 10  staff favorites of the new software.City of Redmond case study thumbnail

Download the case study to see how upgrading to ACTIVE Net was a change for the better for the City of Redmond!