Our Latest Release: Greater Flexibility and Performance


We’re always looking to improve and innovate, so we’re happy to share the changes you’ll find available to you today in the ACTIVE Net 16.3 release, which include:

Flexibility for Setting Fees

Previously, setting fees for activities was restricted to specific dollar amounts and set at the individual activity level. Similar to global discounts, now you can simply set up a percentage surcharge fee and apply it to a batch of activities. Adding a global percentage or dollar amount surcharge to activity fees is more convenient and less error-prone than adding individual surcharges to activities.


Improvements to Reports

1) Permit Extra Bookings Fee Report

To make it easier to get to the information you need, not only can you export the report to Excel in an easy-to-analyze tabular format, but we’ve also separated your notes into separate columns. Customer notes, Staff notes, Event Type notes, and Prep Code notes are all shown in their own columns.


2) Unredeemed Gift Cards Report

We have added partially used gift cards to this report. Now, not only will you see unredeemed cards, you’ll also see partially redeemed cards along with their remaining balance as of the date selected.

Fixes and Greater Performance

In addition to the highlights above, 16.3 includes support for new MasterCard account numbers, the option to hide personal info on POS receipts and 18 other fixes and performance enhancements.


As always, these updates are available now.

Download the full release notes or go to ACTIVE Net Answers today!