YMCA & ACTIVE: Common Mission – Common Configuration


When you find someone with whom you have a lot in common, a relationship is inevitable. That’s how we feel about YMCAs. We’re aligned with the YMCA through our parallel mission to make our communities and the world a healthier and more active place. It’s a relationship we’re dedicated to building.

Our collaboration includes ventures such as our ACTIVE Days local field-day events, and our annual ACTIVEx Kids in the Game employee fundraiser that has provided resources for more than 4,000 kids to play sports.

But our partnership goes much further.

We’re also heavily focused on the business innovation and product development that matter to YMCAs. We’ve reinforced our commitment this year in a joint effort we’re calling Common Configuration.

Why Common Configuration?

Earlier this year, we held a week-long onsite meeting to gather feedback from 7 of our current ACTIVE Net YMCA customers, with representatives from both operational and technology roles, as well as other YMCA professionals. The group was kept somewhat limited at the beginning but will be expanded in the future.

Together, we identified 130 items of interest and prioritized them according to the needs of the YMCA. Bi-weekly meetings, both in person and remote, continued the process of establishing a customized, common configuration of the ACTIVE Net membership solution that meets the needs and goals of YMCAs.

Several categories of key YMCA business practices were identified, and each was evaluated against a set of guiding principles to produce the preferred configuration choice that will allow:

  • YMCAs to manage business processes, streamline operations, increase efficiency, and grow memberships
  • ACTIVE to implement faster and prioritize future functionality

Now, and Going Forward

Our first phase of the common configuration program includes:

  • Creation of customized ACTIVE Net Academy (Online Learning Management System) videos
  • Common Configuration Manual*
  • Sandbox accounts: Private demo accounts that can be shared with staff so YMCAs can play around and experience ACTIVE Net firsthand

Our second phase, in progress and ongoing, is the continual identification of future YMCA-focused innovations through what we learn from the common configuration.

*About the Manual

We’ve collaborated with several industry thought leaders from various YMCAs across the country operating on ACTIVE Net to create a living document providing guidance to new and existing YMCA organizations who wish to configure their services to adhere to common configuration recommendations.

Considering the agile nature of ACTIVE Net, the manual will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect enhancements and changes made to the software with each major new release.

Learn More

Along with detailed information on each configuration area and instructions for administrative setup in the manual, new YMCA organizations transitioning to ACTIVE Net from a different software provider will work with an ACTIVE Net Consultant toward common configuration.

Click here to talk to a YMCA solutions expert today.

Current customers: YMCA organizations who wish to configure their services to adhere with common configuration recommendations may request dedicated guidance from an ACTIVE Net consultant by reaching out to your Account Manager.