ACTIVEkids™ Mobile App: Managing Kid’s Activities Just Got Easier


In 2015, we launched, the largest online marketplace of kid’s activities and events in North America. The site, listing over 440,000 activities and events, now boasts over 1.2 million site visits annually.

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With ACTIVEkids, it had never been easier for youth activity organizers to promote their programs.

Until now.

Introducing the ACTIVEkids™ Mobile App

We noticed that 48% of traffic to was coming from mobile devices, so it makes sense that we would create an app to make that experience even more streamlined. The app, released a few weeks ago, mirrors the convenience of the original site, while adding the benefits of a personalized mobile experience at the family-level.

How the New App Benefits Parents

This on-the-go version of the popular online portal offers parents one central location for managing all of their children’s activities, whether they’re looking for baseball leagues and swimming classes or family-friendly 5K races and after-school art and science enrichment programs.

It starts with parents creating custom profiles for their children in just a few minutes. Selecting a few filters (such as gender, age, geographical location and program preferences), parents are quickly served up recommended activities and events. They can do this from virtually anywhere and at any time: from the bleachers during soccer practice or while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room.

All current and past activity and payment details can be stored in the app so parents can quickly and efficiently manage details for multiple activities from one dashboard.

The app is available as a free download at the App Store and Google Play.

How the New App Benefits Organizers

The creation of—and the new app—reinforces our ongoing commitment to help our customers grow their organizations. We automatically list their activity information and registration details on both the site and ACTIVEkids mobile app—it costs nothing and there’s nothing to do!

A listing on the site provides a significant competitive advantage to organizers who want to expand market exposure of their programs, activities or events to new and current participants.

Youth activity organizers interested in information about listing their programs in the ACTIVEkids directory can click here to learn more about working with ACTIVE.