Keep Your Halloween Events Safe with Technology


Halloween is a fun time to embrace the spookiest of characters. Ghouls and goblins walk the streets. Menacing pumpkins shine out into the night. For many of our local community organizations, we’re embracing this fun, spooky season with large-scale events, often at night. And while our Pumpkin Festivals and Boo Nights seek to create a friendly scare, what’s most important is that our events are successfully safe.

As we gather together during these dark and howling Halloween weeks, let’s shine a light on the ways we can keep our events, members and organizations safe with one of the strongest safety tools we have: technology.

Safe Events: Keeping our parks and facilities safe

when-every-moment-counts-ctaWhile unforeseen accidents outside of your control can occur, ultimately, organizations have a responsibility to keep participants safe. Events can be successful – and safe – when administrative details and plans are organized using a centralized, event management system.

  • Facility scheduling software eliminates confusion and keeps event space in order with centralized schedules and plans all staff and members can see.

Community Safety Tip: Invite the local police and fire department to your event as special guests. Fire truck tours and an officer-served caramel apple table is a fun way to build a safety presence.

Safe Participants: Keeping our guests, members and staff safe

Keeping our people safe starts with participant and/or member management. When you have a system that houses accurate and current personal information, you can develop a plan – at the door – to ensure the costumed characters entering your facility are meant to be there.

  • Online registration cuts hours of administrative paperwork, eliminates confusion and allows event staff to focus on creating a fun, safe event.
  • Child care management ensures kids are safe with medical alerts, emergency contacts and authorizations.

Community Safety Tip: Always staff food, beverage and game stations.

Safe Organizations: Keeping our data safe and accessible

Should an emergency present itself at your next Halloween event, one of the most important tools necessary to save a life is accurate data. Emergency contact information and considerations like allergies or existing medical conditions need to be at your fingertips.

Doing away with paper forms and bringing emergency information online with a trusted partner has proven to:

  • save up to 90% per year in administration costs by using technology over paper forms

Community safety tip: Only allow drop-off events for children if their adult has given permission and their emergency contact information is in your system.


While the administrative benefits of going online are nice, they pale in comparison to the ability to keep people safe, or even save a life. This Halloween, make sure all aspect of your events offer participants a safe place to have a ghoulish, great time.

To find out more about effective data management for emergencies and more, download our guide, When Every Moment Counts: How Data Storage & Access Save Lives.