3 ACTIVE Net Answers Hacks to Save You Time


[This is a guest post by Elisabeth Shelby, ACTIVE Network Technical Support Knowledge Manager]

We created ACTIVE Net Answers to make your life easier. Our support team finds that customers who use ACTIVE Net Answers as a project management tool save time and can distribute more information to their teams faster. You can easily start using these 3 “hacks” right away, no matter the size of your organization or how many staff members you have.


Every organization should set up a super user in ACTIVE Net Answers who can see all the cases opened across their organization. Say someone on your team takes a vacation during the holidays. Your Super User can help keep cases on track and ensure that communication between ACTIVE Net Support and your team keeps flowing while that person is out. This is also important to have in place for staff turnover and to ensure that duplicate cases don’t get created.

To request super user access, log in to ACTIVE Net Answers and open a new support ticket or contact your Account Manager. We’re happy to help!

This improved functionality was released to customers on November 14, 2016. When a case is opened in ACTIVE Net Answers, adding contacts allows you to keep relevant groups in the loop about their case. All contacts added will get an email when their case is updated and also be able to see their case from their own Cases tab in the site.

Read this article in ACTIVE Net Answers for step by step instructions to add a new contact.


Did you know you can apply filters, sort your cases and export the list into an Excel file from ACTIVE Net Answers? Many organizations use this to keep an eye on their enhancement requests by sorting on the Pending Development/IT Resolution status.

To apply filters from your Case tab, simple click the Filter Cases button, add some filters (like Submitted By, Status or Open/Close) and click Apply Filters. From there, you can Export to Excel or Print the list.

Bonus: Share Articlessometimes-you-just-want-to-share-blog-roundup

If you ever find an article or a user guide that you think could really help someone on your team, use the Share button to send an email link to the article, right from ACTIVE Net Answers. This is a easy way to encourage your staff to use the site and learn more about ACTIVE Net!

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