Our Latest Release: The Theme is “More”


Start 2017 armed with MORE…more of the operating and data power you need to get it all done. The following enhancements are available to you now!

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ACTIVE Net Insights Key Enhancements

Flex Reg Reports Offers MORE

You can now create ad hoc reports in ACTIVE Net Insights using Flex Reg data. For example, create and customize your Flex Reg Enrollee List, Roster Report or Session Report and drill deeper with the power of ACTIVE Net Insights. Plus, easily schedule,  save and share your reports with your colleagues.

View MORE Months & MORE Sites in the Interactive Reports

an-release-16-4-more-months-screenThe interactive reports in ACTIVE Net Insights are an easy way to quickly get to your data. Now you have the option to include up to 13 months in each report, making it even easier to view your data without the need to schedule reports or use spreadsheets.

We didn’t just stop there. Not only can you add multiple months to interactive reports, you can now choose multiple sites as well. Need to see facility usage across all of your sites for the last 6 months? Just select them from the filters, run your report and drill down to the data that matters most.

Even MORE Scholarship Info

The scholarship interactive report has been enhanced to view usage and remaining balances. Plus, we’ve added new columns for better filtering and to display more info about your customers, and included family scholarship type and reporting at the family and individual level.an-release-16-4-scholarship-screen-headers-only

ACTIVE Net Staff Portal Improvements

Create Better Lists with MORE Recipients

Need to send a communication to all customers with an outstanding balance? You can now include “other payers” in the communications list builder in addition to the program registrants.an-relase-16-4-other-payer-lists-screen

MORE Fixes and Greater Performance

In addition to the highlights above, we have made additional platform improvements to the ACTIVE Net database, plus 16 other fixes and performance enhancements.

For more info, visit ACTIVE Net Answers to view the release notes today!