10 Fun Ways to Promote Love & Healthy Hearts This Month

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Your organization has undoubtedly made some plans to celebrate the day of love, but because February is heart health month, it’s a great excuse to expand the Valentine’s theme beyond the 14th.

Send out a quick, targeted emails or set up a colorful poster to greet guests at the door, promoting a few of these easy-to-incorporate ideas for spreading the love, engaging couples AND singles, and getting some hearts pumping this month.

  1. If you haven’t started already, tag team onto the #GoRed campaign for heart health month to promote or discount any heart-pumping class or full package of events.
  2. Run a series of special Lovin’ Tunes classes to fun soundtracks of love songs – Aerobics, Zumba, Spin all apply.
  3. Promote healthy coupledom: Offer a personal training promotion, such as adding your partner to your training package at a discounted rate, or offer side-by-side training sessions for members and one guest.
  4. Partner with a masseuse to offer couple’s massages after intense workouts.
  5. Bring in dance instructors and offer a special ballroom/couples dance series.
  6. Offer a heart-opening yoga class specifically designed for upper body and relaxation. Get those heart chakras flowing!
  7. Offer some singles-only classes with a reception or happy hour afterward.
  8. Offer members the opportunity to bring a guest to class for free – fun for them, prospective clients for you.
  9. Ask social media followers to comment and share what they love about your gym. First 20 comments receive a special gift.
  10. Send your members a Valentine. Whether it be mail or an e-card, craft a special message letting them know you “love” them and are glad to have their membership.

Valentine’s promotions can grow your business and keep hearts strong. Spread the love this February and make it a great month.