NAYDO Kids Panel: State of Activity Today and Into the Future [VIDEO]

If you missed NAYDO earlier this month, or you missed our panels of kid experts, we thought you might enjoy a chance to hear from the mouth of babes what we learned from the experience. Five kids between 11 and 16 years old described what it means to lead an active lifestyle and how that lifestyle has impacted quality of life.

Watch video:

We learned that YMCAs have tremendous opportunity to grow their programs and communities through direct engagement with kids via the technologies that kids use and trust. Because user-generated content (UGC) influences 84% of buyer decisions1, peer-to-peer communication among kids could result in an upsurge in camp and activity participation for your organization.

In other words, what if you could get kids talking to each other about your Y?

YMCAs already share touching impact stories; YouTube is full of them. But also consider ways to get kids telling, watching and sharing stories about the fun they have at the Y:

  • Provide kids the opportunity to share their YMCA stories and experiences on their social channels.
  • Create content just for them.
  • In communications to families, feature videos of your YMCA’s kids talking about their experiences first-hand.
  • Adopt and use membership management solutions that include marketing support services such as ACTIVE Net’s Digital Marketing Consultants (DMCs) to enable and encourage both kids and parents to share your compelling content and their unique YMCA stories!

Naturally, guidelines should be put in place and followed to ensure that kids’ safety is never put at risk. The Guardian has a few ideas about the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of online engagement with young people.2

What did you take away from NAYDO?


1According to a January 2012 study conducted by Bazaarvoice and the Center for Generational Kinetics.

2The Guardian: How Can Brands Engage with Young People Online Responsibly?