ACTIVE Net Insights Certification – for Less!

Every organization experiences employee turnover, which means that occasionally, you’ll need new hires to get caught up with training for your ACTIVE Net software. In the past, there wasn’t necessarily an easy way to do that.

Now there is!

We’ve taken our Insights Certification course online! It’s the perfect way to offer refresher courses to your staff members or bring just one person up to speed without spending a lot of resources or having them spend a lot of time off-site while you hold down the fort.

Is it right for you and your team?

10 Reasons to Go Virtual for Insights Certification

1. The virtual course is 57% off!

2. No travel is required.

3. You don’t have to bring an ACTIVE Net consultant on-site.

4. Students don’t have to miss days of work.

5. Sessions are only 90-minutes long so even those with short attention spans can stay engaged.

6. Training is hands-on for better retention.

7. You can choose from among course times to find the ones that are convenient for you.

8. Your team can become proficient on the software in less time.

9. Your team is empowered to make data-driven decisions.

10.Your team becomes leaders in the ACTIVE Net community.

Download our quick feature sheet to find out more about virtual certification training for your team, or contact your Account Manager today.

Take advantage of this opportunity to become an official ACTIVE Net Insights expert – it’s never been easier to be in the know!