Get out from Behind the Counter with our New ACTIVE Net Connect App


Imagine being proactive, responsive, mobile and relaxed during your facility’s busiest moments of the day: child care check-in and check-out. 

With your desire to deliver convenient, interactive customer service in the midst of all the kids and the wiggles and the in-a-hurry parents, our goal is more than just helping you keep up.

We want to put you on the move, wherever you need to be, with your tools at your fingertips. We want to put you ahead!

Introducing the ACTIVE Net Connect App

With our brand new iOS app, you can interact, engage and connect, freed from the desk.

And we’re just getting started. Child care check-in is just the first of many more functions to come.

Access core functionality from your ACTIVE Net system while on the go. Read all about it here.