Read. Just Read. (Putting the Spotlight on Your Messaging)

Why You Should Consider Digital Signage

There’s a lot that goes into running and managing a recreation facility. You need to make sure your residents and members are aware of what’s going on at your facility and consistently driving interest and participation in your programming.

But connecting with your members can be a challenge. Given the latest stats on how people consume digital information, keeping them up-to-date on upcoming events, scheduling changes, or opportunities for them to participate in activities can be an uphill battle.

The Age of Skimming & Scanning

Information overload has ingrained a habit of quickly scanning content without actually absorbing pertinent details. Uberflip shares how people actually read online1:

  • The average time allocated to an email newsletter after opening is 51 seconds. (Jakob Nielsen)
  • 55% of all page views get less than 15 seconds of attention. (Chartbeat)
  • In 2008, a study concluded that visitors will only read about 20% of the text on the average page. (Jakob Nielsen)
  • 2-3 letter words are skipped over almost 75% of the time, while 8 letter words are almost always fixated upon. (Eyethink)
  • The pattern in which people consume online content isn’t your typical left-to-right reading that you learned in school — rather, it’s an “F” shape that indicates users aren’t reading your content thoroughly. (Jakob Nielsen)

Options for Getting Your Information Read

If people don’t actually read the information you provide, it puts a greater burden on staff to constantly be answering questions, and it impacts participation.

What can you do about it?

The Rule of 7

This maxim is based on the principle of familiarity2. It states that your prospects need to come across your offer at least 7 times before they really notice it and start to take action. This may vary when it comes to information that members and customers are actually looking for.

  • While the data above about online reading isn’t specific to emails, we can assume that consumption habits are similar. That said, email’s definitely not dead! We just need to make the content scannable.
  • Sending out course schedules or announcements via snail mail is outdated, though there is some evidence its effectiveness is returning due to inbox overload.
  • Posting on your website is vital, but not all of your members will check it out regularly and may miss important announcements like class cancellations or registration deadlines. 
  • Digital signage captures the attention only of those who are onsite, but it definitely captures their attention!

What Is Digital Signage?

If you’ve ever been to an airport and checked the screens throughout the terminal for departure and arrival times and scheduling changes, you’re already familiar with digital signage. Nowadays, it’s everywhere!

Digital signage allows you to host pertinent information, like scheduling or announcements, on television monitors throughout your recreation facility. You can easily change your messaging and send scheduling changes or updates in real-time to members throughout your facilities.

Digital signage is a more effective way to deliver information because it’s an instant attention-grabber. Your members are more likely to notice animated information on the screens than they would static signage; it’s nearly impossible to walk past a large, flickering screen and not pause to see what the screen is displaying.

Grabbing your members’ attention via digital signage ensures they’ll have the most up-to-date information on your recreation facility at any given time.

How Digital Signage Can Help Your Recreation Facility

  • Real-time messaging

    Digital signage allows you to deliver real-time messaging to your members, including last minute scheduling changes. Members have the most up-to-date information about your facility as soon as they walk through your doors.

  • Better time management for staff

    Because digital signage displays information in real time, your staff will spend less time answering scheduling questions and more time creating an amazing environment for your guests.

  • Less confusion for members

    Members will never again have to wonder where a particular class is or what time a program starts; they can immediately find any information they need on your digital screens.

  • Branding

    Most digital signage programs allow you to customize the look of your templates, offering an additional opportunity to strengthen your branding with members and visitors.

    Plus, viewers are over 100 times more likely to take action than they are with just a static message, and sign impressions remain constant and high, no matter how many times they are viewed (compared to static signs that peak on Day 1).3

Digital signage is a great way to make the process of delivering information at your recreation facility easier and more efficient. So why not streamline your messaging and add digital?


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