Impress Your Community with Cool Technology That People Love

Embracing technology is key to running a successful community organization. And with technology advancing at lightning speed, it seems like every day there’s something new and exciting to embrace.

While there’s plenty of technology that’s helpful for you as the organizer, there’s also emerging technology out there that will appeal to your community members, thanks to its serious “cool” factor. (Note: these are third-party technologies, unrelated to ACTIVE Network solutions).

Cashless Payments

When you host an event at your community organization, like a concert in the park or a fireworks display, chances are there will be a number of things attendees want to purchase, such as tickets, food and beverages, or merchandise.

But cash payments are a hassle for you AND for your attendees. Collecting cash at every point of purchase is time-consuming and inconvenient. Who carries cash anymore?

Cashless payment technology allows event attendees to pay more quickly. You can either create a cashless payment item specifically for your event (like a RFID wristband) or attendees can download an app on their smartphones. Anytime they want to buy something, instead of reaching for their wallet and trying to find a $10 bill, they can just scan their cashless payment technology and be on their way. This process is faster, more convenient (thus reducing lines) and – let’s face it – way cooler than paying in cash.

Multimedia Displays

If your community organization is looking to drum up more members, hosting a booth at local events, like a local farmer’s market or business fair, can be a great way to do it. But with multiple other vendors competing for attention, if you want to connect with the right people, you need something to grab their attention.

And that’s where multimedia displays come in.

Multimedia displays, which can include everything from interactive digital posters to video walls to iPads showcasing your community organization’s programming, are a surefire way to help your organization stand out at an event and grab the attention of the attendees you want to connect with.

A drawing or other giveaway can allow you to gather attendee contact information so you can send personalized follow-ups post event – and persuade them to join your organization.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There have been major leaps in artificial intelligence in recent years, and these advances have opened up a world of possibilities for incorporating AI into your community organization.

No, we’re not talking about having a robot greet members and residents (although that would certainly be cool!). Artificial Intelligence is a type of machine learning, where a computer recognizes patterns and makes suggestions based on available data.

For example, AI could make personalized class recommendations based on a participant’s previous class history. Because the AI used the participant’s personal data and history to make the recommendation, it’s likely to be something the person is excited about and ready to try. This personalization can help drive engagement across multiple areas of your community organization and get your more people involved in new classes and programs.

Getting Plugged In

These are just a few of the types of cool technology out there that participants love. Help your community organization win cool points with your members and residents with these and other new technology, including gamification, location-based and proximity marketing, augmented and virtual reality, and 360-degree video.