What Keeps Recreation Organization Leaders Up at Night?


The more responsibility you have, the more there is to be worried about. Halloween is approaching, so what better time to stare your fears straight in the face?

We’ve found some common fears for those working in community organizations. It’s time to bring these frights out from the shadows and into the light because the good news is…we can work to overcome them.

Drowning in Paperwork

Choppy seas, waves crashing over your head – these are things nightmares are made of, but for those of you managing your operations manually, you’re living in a real-life nightmare, drowning in paperwork.

Free yourself from paper by enlisting the support of an online data management system such as ACTIVE Net. Data is centralized, meaning no more hunting for or losing pertinent information; automating your processes will save you time and money; and a cloud-based solution means you can access information anytime, anywhere.


Do you ever feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? We know there are times when the best anyone can do is simply get the job done. But no one wants to work (and live!) to just meet immediate needs and then wake up and do it all over again. For an organization to grow, develop, innovate and improve, there needs to be time for its leaders and staff to think, strategize, learn and synergize with others.

Our new Senior Director of Marketing, Kristine Cao, says that when she thinks about how a community organization can avoid stagnation, “I am reminded of the three elements of any successful organizational transformation: People, Process, Technology. The use of digital technology such as ACTIVE Net is simply one part of the puzzle to solving this type of change. You need staff that are knowledgeable and a culture that fosters on-going training and knowledge transfer, combined with a process built from central governance which enables continuous best practice sharing.”

The End of the World as We Know It

If you’re a parks and recreation leader listening to the famous R.E.M song, “It’s the End of the World as We Know It,” we can bet you don’t feel fine. Recent reports on climate change, global warming, the environment and natural disasters rock our world, literally.

Bring it down to the local level, and we can see the damage being done in our own parks and communities. You can’t save the world alone. Connecting to leading conservation and leadership groups, here, is the answer. For now, check out the latest on conservation and building environmental resiliency to learn more about how to protect open space, connect people to nature and engage communities in conservation practices.

Leaving Someone Behind

Perhaps the scariest yet – Whether it be children’s programming after school, older adult offerings or wellness opportunities, failing to reach those who need you is about the worst thing that can happen. Your commitment to your work goes far beyond the walls of your organization because your organization lives to serve others. Access is the answer, funding is what allows you to provide community services, and partnership is what effectively secures funding.

Success stories are all around us locally and at the national level, and we should all learn from them when we’re faced with shrinking budgets and limited support. In fact, check out what just happened recently at the national level to secure funding for afterschool programs.

This Halloween, don’t let your fears get the best of you. Your community needs you, and ACTIVE will be there, too, to fight your fears every step of the way.