5 Reasons We’re Thankful for You, Our Customers

We’re in the season that prompts us to give thanks. We probably don’t say it often enough, but we wouldn’t be here without you and there are so many reasons you make what we do fulfilling.

As the team discussed this topic, a trend began to emerge.

It’s not so much what you do, but who you are that stands out in our list of things we’re grateful for:

1. Your friendliness factor is off the charts!

You’re more than willing to share your organization’s goals, vision, and your passion for what you do — and not just the technology that brought us together. You view us as part of your team, which thrills us – because that’s our goal!

2. We love how our missions align.

Firstly, when you engage your community, you help us fulfill our goal to make the world a more active place. Secondly, when you engage with your peers, as you do with the Regional User Groups (RUGs), you show us just how genuinely dedicated you are not only to YOUR community, but to others who share that mission in their communities. Passion for healthy communities is in your DNA!

3. We get to develop relationships with you.

Individuals in this market tend to care more about serving their communities than climbing the ladder. Your commitment isn’t just in the moment – it’s long term! Your “why” is your community, which means we really get to know you over time.

4. You’re patient and kind.

From what we hear, you aren’t prone to immediate, knee-jerk reactions even when there are challenges. You exhibit a lot of trust that we’re working hard to provide what you need. (We are!)

5. You’re helping us build better software.

We rely heavily on you to help us improve our technology and, in fact, 80% of our development is based on the voice of our customers. Through our enhancement requests, you make great suggestions that allow us to evolve and innovate. That helps you increase your efficiency, revenue and reach, which helps us fulfill our mission to make the world a more active place…and so on and so on.

So, like you, we look back restrospectively to inform how we will move forward in 2018. It all pivots around you — and we’re thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving from ACTIVE Network!