Building Bridges to Support Open Y

In the world of software, it’s no secret that not all systems play nice together. That’s the problem Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) solve. They allow disparate systems to integrate in order to expand and customize functionality.

Open Y Initiative

YMCAs are working to transform and enable new and modern customer experiences, improve functionality for members and staff, and enable consistency across multi-Y online experience through a unified digital movement called Open Y.

ACTIVE has come alongside those efforts, first through our 2016 Common Configuration initiative and, now, through our new gateway API services for YMCAs, announced earlier this month.

We’ve been working hard to build the bridges needed to solve common YMCA operational and technical challenges, including:

  • Member engagement
  • Group training
  • Personal training
  • Programs
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Seamless eCommerce experience

Who Can Best Help YMCAs Improve Membership Experience?

Want unbiased information on how well ACTIVE Net and other solutions meet these challenges?

On the Y’s Integrations page, YMCA data and experience was used to compare specific third-party vendors’ ability to meet these and other needs.

In addition to being the only membership platform to offer a suite of APIs to support deep integration with the Open Y initiative, ACTIVE Net stands out in the Y’s own side-by-side comparison of performance in these areas.*

*ACTIVE Net supports SSO with the Drupal platform using Shibboleth

Key ACTIVE Net Benefits include:

  • Seamlessly display of programs and activities on YMCA eCommerce websites, making it easier for members to find what they need.
  • Scalable integration of data into Open Y Drupal platform to enable future experiences: digital signage, voice assistance, mobile capabilities, virtual wellness and so much more.
  • Operational statistical data for greater visibility into business performance and key metrics to track member engagement and retention.

Download our feature sheet to learn more about how ACTIVE Net Gateway API Services can help you improve your member experience.