Kansas City YMCA: The Secret Way to Put Members First

Day to day your eyes are on the prize, and as a membership organization, members are number one. You want to create an organization that:

  • Makes membership fun
  • Encourages people to come back
  • Is easy to connect with
  • Keeps up with the needs of changing demographics

Ultimately, you want to be a leader in customer service. You want raving fans. That task may seem daunting, but the right tools can get you there much more easily than you may think. You just have to know the secret.

The secret? It’s finding a solution that improves YOUR day-to-day needs just as much as your members’.

Put on your organization’s oxygen mask

The airline directive to put on your own oxygen mask first in an emergency applies in so many other areas. When your organizational and operational needs are met, everything becomes more streamlined.

Lighten your load while giving members what they want

When data is centralized and accessible, members can “self-service” their membership, thereby lightening your load.

A self-service membership is attractive to both you and your members, and it opens up time in your day to get creative, experiment with different offerings, and make high-level improvements.

Ultimately, it gives you the ability to take your organization from good to great.

Check out how the YMCA of Greater Kansas City discovered this secret, putting their members AND their staff first:

  • Managing operations
  • Providing great customer service, self-service, and everything accessible online
  • Keeping up with tech-savvy membership