Why Y LA Moved Membership Management to the Cloud


We all want to run the best organizations we can, and deciding which platform to run our business on can feel like a make or break-it decision. Initially, it can seem like a client-based, private system is the best option because it’s all in our hands (and potentially cheaper from the outset).

If we’re at the wheel, then we’re in control, right?

Unfortunately, owning the whole process (and product) puts a lot more on your plate than you expect or can calculate, in the areas of time, efficiency and, ultimately, cost.

Find out what the Los Angeles YMCA learned about self-hosted recreation management systems.

That’s what the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles discovered regarding their private system for managing membership and operations. They reported significant and unanticipated costs related to:

  • Building the IT structure and all related licenses, software and servers
  • PCI compliance
  • Creating desktop to mobile applications
  • Improving the user experience
  • Manual administration
  • Lack of technical support
  • Responsibility for system maintenance
  • Data backup

These unexpected expenses ate up a lot more than cash – they also sucked time. Unlike a proprietary system, Y LA found that a fully-hosted cloud solution like ACTIVE Net is completely transparent from the start, giving you a better sense of your total cost of ownership. And a “no surprises” product means more control in your hands.

So while going with a client-based solution for your organization might seem like the better investment in the short term, in the long term you can (and likely will) end up spending significantly more than you originally anticipated – and significantly more than you would have paid for a cloud-based system.

If you’re finding yourself in this situation, don’t fret! Countless others have made the shift to a hosted, cloud-based platform and reaped the benefits of their change.

Check out how the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles – an organization of more than 135,000 members, no less – did just that.