What’s New with Facebook Ads?

If you want to connect with current and potential members, increase awareness for your organization within your community, and drive membership, there’s no way around it: you need to be advertising on Facebook.

Facebook is the most powerful marketing platform in the world. In 2017, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a person without a Facebook account (Facebook currently has over 2 billion active users), and with Facebook advertising’s advanced targeting options, it’s also the most cost-effective and efficient way of making sure your marketing messages get in front of the right people.

As the advertising platform continues to grow and evolve, Facebook has continually added a host of new features to make advertising easier and more effective for users – and some of these features are particularly helpful for community organizations.

Let’s take a look at what’s new with Facebook ads:

Event RSVP Targeting

As a community organization, you likely have plenty of events, and one of the best ways to drum up interest for those events is promoting them on Facebook.

Currently, you can create Event pages for each of your individual events, where users can RSVP as “Going, “Not Going,” or “Interested.” Once a user RSVPs, their response shows up in their Facebook feed, which can be a great way to get your event in front of other people who might not follow your page.

But now Facebook is rolling out a new feature that makes their Event feature even more valuable.

Facebook is currently testing targeting options based on Event RSVPs. With this new option, you can create custom ad audiences based on responses to your Event RSVPs. So, for example, if you had an upcoming event to promote your fall sports programming, you could create a custom audience of people who RSVP’d “Interested” and serve them with targeted messaging to increase their interest and get them more committed to the event.

This new feature will also allow you to create look-a-like audiences of similar users, which will increase your reach and drive more people to your events.

Removal Accidental Clicks

If you’ve ever worried you were shelling out money for people who never meant to engage with your ads, prepare for a deep exhale, because Facebook is removing accidental clicks from its ad network.

Facebook is defining an accidental click as any user who bounces in two seconds or less; their reasoning is that if a user is on the page for less than two seconds, they never meant to go there. So, if someone clicks on your ad by mistake, you won’t see it in your metrics – and you won’t pay for it, either.

New Ad Metrics

The key to success with Facebook ads is understanding what’s working, what’s not working, and how to optimize your ads for the best results. And the way you gain that understanding is through metrics.

Facebook has previously come under fire for misreporting metrics, but the company has made a commitment to their advertisers to improve their reporting – and to roll out new metrics to make it easier to improve your ad performance.

From a recent Facebook blog post:

“As part of our commitment to measurement, about every month or so we’ll release new metrics so that businesses have better ways to measure outcomes, all in one place.”

New metrics like landing page views, which will help advertisers better optimize their ads for mobile, will give you greater insight into your ad performance – and how you can optimize that performance to increase awareness, interest, and membership for your community organization.

Facebook advertising is the most powerful marketing tool at your community organization’s disposal. And with all the exciting new things happening in the world of Facebook ads, it’s only going to get better.


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