What’s New with Facebook Live?

Facebook Live

Since rolling out to the public in April of 2016, Facebook Live has changed the way users create and interact with video content, quickly become one of the most used – and most successful – features on the platform. And if video is a part of your organization’s marketing plan, Facebook Live is one of the most effective strategies on the market.

People watch Facebook Live videos 3X longer than non-live videos, and according to a recent Wired article, users comment “10 times more on Facebook Live videos than regular ones.” Which means that popping on Facebook Live will increase your engagement levels and get your ideal audience watching you for longer – which can help you drive them straight into the doors of your organization.

Facebook Live has changed quite a bit since its inception, so let’s take a look at what’s new with Facebook Live:

Go live straight from Facebook Camera

In an effort to make using Facebook Live even easier for users, Facebook recently started testing a new feature that would allow users to go live straight from Facebook Camera.

The way it’s currently designed, in order to go live, you need to click the “Live” button on your status update box. But Facebook is experimenting with a new feature that combines all of its audio and visual functions on the Facebook camera screen, including the option to record live video.

This new feature would also give you more control as to where your live video is broadcast. Right now, whenever you create a live video, it’s automatically added to a Facebook post that appears on the news feed and on your Facebook page. But with this new feature, you can opt to post the video in a regular Facebook post, on your Facebook Stories page, or both. You can also create custom lists of who you want to see the video.

This new feature is not only convenient but could be extremely useful to community organizations by allowing you to control who sees your live broadcasts and where they see them, which can help you tailor your message and create videos that really speak to your particular audience.

This new live option is currently just a test feature, but hopefully, it will be rolled out to users in the near future.

Facebook podcasting

Not comfortable being on video? No problem! Facebook Live now has an audio-only feature that allows you to create live audio to broadcast to your listeners. Think of it as podcasting meets social media.

The new audio-only option offers a host of benefits to organizations that want to use Facebook Live but don’t have a ton of experience with or resources for professional-looking video. When you’re broadcasting audio, you don’t have to worry about lighting or framing the shot, where to film or what backdrop to use. You can broadcast in your pajamas and no one would now.

The Facebook Live audio option also offers additional branding opportunities for your community organization; you get to choose the picture which displays during your audio broadcast, so you can use your organization’s logo to a) remind your audience who they’re listening to, and b) build brand recognition with potential members.

Shared-screen broadcasting options

When it launched, Facebook Live only had the capacity to broadcast one person at a time. But that’s all changed with their new feature which allows you to feature guests on your live videos.

In order to add someone to your live video, they’ll need to be watching the video in real-time. Then, you just select them from your Live Viewers list and Facebook will send them an invitation to join your broadcast.

This new feature could be a game-changer for community organizations. Just think about the possibilities – if you wanted to drum up interest for your new swim program, you could host a live Q+A with your swim coach where you interview them on screen and take questions from the audience in real-time. Or if you had an upcoming initiative that had you partnering with other chapters of your organization around the country – or the world – you could host Facebook lives with different chapter leaders to connect with a larger audience.

Not to mention, the fact that you can now add others to your live video means you no longer have to shoulder entertaining and engaging your audience solo – which, if you consider yourself camera shy, is obviously a major plus.

There’s a lot of exciting things going on in the world of Facebook Live, and these new features can help you build awareness for your community organization, drive engagement with your target audience, and increase your membership numbers.


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