ACTIVEkids Connects Parents with Your Programs

ACTIVEkids helps connect parents to your community programs

Today’s parents manage non-stop schedules that start at sunrise and don’t stop ‘til the homework is checked. To find the best activities for their kids, they need an easy, one-stop resource that’s available anytime, anywhere. Hello,!

Prime Placement for Eyeballs

ACTIVEkids is where ACTIVE connects with a community of parents to fill your programs. Featuring over 120,000 activities from coast to coast, parents are able to customize profiles on the site to find activities for each child based on age, interests and location.

This time-saving convenience is invaluable to busy moms and dads. And for your programs, ACTIVEkids provides:

  • A new way to promote your activities.
  • Easily searchable inventory.
  • Access to millions of parents.
  • Powerful SEO to increase the visibility of your programs.

Exclusive Merchandising Placements

Available only to customers: by using ACTIVE Net® software, your applicable inventory will post on ACTIVEkids for free.

Learn about how ACTIVE Net® and ACTIVEkids work together here. For additional insights on connecting with millennial parents, check out this webinar.