Two Unique Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Don't force a wrong fit when it comes to business software

One size rarely fits all. From sweatpants to sandals, forcing fit can be unflattering–and when it comes to your business, it’s completely counterintuitive to success.

This is especially true with something as important as managing a Parks and Recreation Department. Every community is unique, and every organization has different needs. 

When Robust is Best

A major distinction in software can be boiled down to its robustness. But what do technology solution providers mean when they use the term ‘robust’? WhatIs.TechTarget defines it as often referring to “a product or system of products designed with a full complement of capabilities.”

Who wouldn’t want that?

Having it all while still maintaining flexibility is a necessity for enterprise-level and rapidly growing organizations. That’s where ACTIVE Net®, ACTIVE Network’s flagship recreation management solution, comes in. ACTIVE Net® allows you to centralize all your operations and gain deep, actionable data insights for growth and efficiency in virtually every area of your department.

Big Solution, Smaller Package

But just because you may not need the most robust solution doesn’t mean you want to settle for some plug-and-play option on the other end of the spectrum. Your organization may be smaller, but you still deserve software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology backed by an organization with extensive experience in your industry.

In this case, MaxGalaxy is the fit you want and need. It’s fully scalable, so you can purchase only the applications you need and add more as necessary, including Facility Reservation, Activity Registration, Membership Management and Credit Card Processing. A single customer database is accessible for all the modules, giving you the integration that streamlines all your operations.

Find the Right Fit

ACTIVE Network offers both ACTIVE Net® and MaxGalaxy, both backed by ACTIVE’s deep expertise in the recreation industry. With two solutions to serve unique organizations, you get a true fit, no matter the scale.

Only with ACTIVE Network

  • Two SaaS Solutions
  • Over 2,200 Communities
  • Marketing Services
  • Mobile Companion App
  • Unmatched Parks and Recreation Experience

Download our feature sheet or talk to a specialist to learn more about these two unique solutions.