March 2018 ACTIVE Net® 18.1 Key Enhancements

Our latest feature-packed ACTIVE Net release brings a host of enhancements to the recreation management software solution that helps you drive participation and engagement across your community. Read on for the details.

ACTIVE Net® CUI Shopping Cart


ANet Release 18.1 - Updated Shopping Cart

ACTIVE Net’s new CUI Shopping Cart was created with the experience of the end user in mind. A streamlined workflow and a sleek, responsive web design culminate in an intuitive three-step process that saves time, ensures simplicity and improves the overall experience of your community.*

Shopping Cart

  • Responsive web and mobile design
  • Intuitive groupings for transactions
  • New waiver acknowledgement section
  • Visible order summary
  • Clear call to action for checkout


  • Responsive web and mobile design
  • Simple instructions and pop-up information
  • Increased flexibility for payment plans and methods
  • Clear call to action for payment


  • Responsive web and mobile design
  • Visible transaction/receipt number for your records
  • Viewable/printable receipt summary
  • Social media sharing capabilities

*Users will be notified via email when the when the new shopping cart will be available for their organization.

New Facility Management Module

ANet Release 18.1 - New Facility Scheduling

The new staff facility management module is a complete redesign of the facility capabilities in ACTIVE Net®. The new module is easier-to-use, faster and has more advanced capabilities. Staff users will be able to complete a new reservation in four simple steps.

Currently, the new module is available in your trainer by request only. Please reach out to your account manager or ACTIVE Net® Support to get started.


Continuous Improvements

To further increase integration between ACTIVE Net® and your additional software solutions, we have made enhancements to the newly released ACTIVE Net® Gateway API Services. In addition to new facility APIs, we have made the following enhancements:


  • GetSkills API


  • GetActivityEnrollment API
  • GetCustomers API
  • GetFlexRegProgramDetail API
  • GetActivities API
  • GetMemberships API
  • GetFlexRegEnrollment API
  • GetCustomQuestionAnswers API
  • GetMembershipPackageFees API

Improved Insights into API Usage

On the new Administration Home > System Settings > API Usage Statistics page, staff users can directly view the current organization’s API key, status and usage statistics.

ACTIVE Net® Connect

Increased Check-in Capabilities for FlexReg

For increased flexibility, staff users can now check in a child multiple times on the same day to the same FlexReg program or session, so that parents can check out their kids in the middle of the program or session and then return them later.

Streamlined Activity Check-in

To streamline the check-in process, staff users can now use the Group Check-In feature to batch check-in multiple participants to an activity.

Click here for more information on these updates and additional enhancements to ACTIVE Net®.