Which Recreation Management Solution is Right for Your Organization?

Which Recreation Management Solution is Right For My Organization?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Choosing the right management software solution for your parks and recreation organization can be confusing. Every community is different, and every parks and rec has individual needs.

ACTIVE Has Two Unique Solutions

We recently highlighted ACTIVE Network’s two unique recreation management solutions, ACTIVE Net® and MaxGalaxy, both backed by our deep expertise in the recreation industry.

In terms of functionality, ACTIVE Net® and MaxGalaxy are similar. They are both SAAS products and they manage the same operational functions of recreation, membership and sports organizations.

Which Solution is the Best Fit?

To find the answer to this question, start by asking yourself a few key questions:

  1. Does my organization consist of multiple types of facilities, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields and playgrounds, in a large city?
  2. Is my organization a community recreation center with a wide variety of activities?
  3. Is my community growing quickly or expected to grow substantially in the near future?
  4. Do I need mobile capabilities?
  5. Do I need the ability to connect this software to my other platforms?
  6. Do I need in-depth data analysis and reporting?
  7. Do I need help with marketing my organization?
  8. Is my organization made up of one facility in a smaller town?
  9. Does my organization specialize in sports complex arena management for specific sports?


If you answered yes to most of questions 1-7, ACTIVE Net® is likely to be a perfect fit. ACTIVE Net®’s full solution was designed for large city departments with complex needs, a large staff and many types of activities and facilities. The online solution provides additional value-adds for enterprise-level organizations, as well, including API integration capabilities, mobile capabilities (such as our new tablet app, ACTIVE Net Connect), ACTIVE Net Insights (a robust reporting platform) and a larger support team.


Due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of implementation, MaxGalaxy is usually a better fit for smaller facilities in less populated communities, or those who answered yes to questions 7-9. It offers a simple, efficient system for organizations wanting to start with modules to manage camps, facilities, child care or other specific needs. This best-of-breed online solution also integrates data from these areas with the overall database.

MaxGalaxy works well for those who may want to start small but later incorporate additional modules without having to move to another system. Typically, modular systems with a low threshold to entry can’t offer the security and backing of a global leader like ACTIVE. In addition, MaxGalaxy also has extensive experience specializing in ice rinks and sports complex arena management.

New for Both Solutions

Recently, we launched our Digital Marketing Consultant service, giving both solutions access to a dedicated consultant to advise on digital marketing, Google Analytics, website optimization and social media integration. This service is unique to ACTIVE, and can take your organization’s marketing efforts to the next level.

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Between ACTIVE’s two unique solutions, ACTIVE Net® and MaxGalaxy, there’s a perfect fit for your parks and recreation organization.

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