Take Recreation Management On-the-Go with the ACTIVE Net® Connect Mobile App

Take Recreation On-The-Go with ACTIVE Net Connect Mobile App

Parks and recreation departments with several facilities need a unified way to manage programs, preferably from a single hub to improve efficiency and decrease bottlenecks. At the same time, employees need a way to manage check-ins and additional administrative tasks while interacting with the community. Not to mention, community members expect their information to be digital and readily available, keeping them out of long lines during busy days.

Meeting Staff & Community Needs

The solution? ACTIVE Network created the ACTIVE Net Connect mobile application to streamline processes and provide parks and recreation staff and community members with a single mobile platform to meet multiple needs on-the-go. The feature is seamlessly integrated with ACTIVE Net®, and provides employees access to manage programs from anywhere in their facility via a tablet or other mobile device. ACTIVE Net Connect also puts important information at employees’ fingertips so they can keep moving and interacting with the community–instead of being stuck behind a desk.

For parents, this mobile app means quicker check-in times, avoiding the frustration of long lines. Pick-up information and additional details are also available right in the app, and employees can easily track registrations and switch kids between programs as necessary. The need for paperwork is decreased, helping staff make fewer mistakes and saving everyone more time.

Information at Your Fingertips

ACTIVE Net Connect was created with busy drop-off and pick-up times in mind, when parents are in a hurry and kids are either super-energized or worn out–neither of which equals patience for waiting. At these times, kids are most vulnerable for unapproved pick-ups, but ACTIVE Net Connect allows staff to meet parents and kids where they are and provide a critical layer of protection.

This app is also great for out on the field, when coaches need to monitor food allergies at snack time or receive automatic notifications of an early pick-up without diverting their attention from the group. It’s intuitive because it’s mobile, the way we’ve become accustomed to accessing information in our daily lives, virtually anywhere, anytime.

For parks and recreation departments that consist of multiple facilities, ACTIVE Net Connect also provides consistency across facilities and a secure way to track registrations and other information across locations. Administrators can see data about each individual facility and make decisions on funding and other support quickly and easily.

A Best-in-Class Experience

ACTIVE Net Connect Mobile App

ACTIVE Net Connect at a glance.

“The Connect App is designed to help your organization easily track attendance, record electronic signatures and securely store crucial information on-the-go,” explains Allison Kirkland, Marketing Specialist for ACTIVE Network. “Connect is integrated with your current ACTIVE Net® data for a seamless, best-in-class experience.”

For more information about ACTIVE Net Connect and how it can work for your organization, please contact us at programs.info@activenetwork.com.