Delight participants, no matter where they are.

With the ACTIVE Experience App virtual event tracking, racers can accurately and effortlessly time and submit results directly from the application to an event organizer.

Virtual events that stand out from the crowd.

The ACTIVE Experience App's smart search feature spotlights matching virtual events from the query so participants can effortlessly find races with a simple keyword search. 

Offer participants access to multiple distances.

On the event page of each race, every distance you offer will be available for participants to choose from and the app will automatically track whichever distance is selected.

Live performance details at your fingertips.

Once the race starts, the app automatically tracks timing, distance and pace, meaning participants have nothing to worry about other than performing their best.

Crossing the virtual finish line is easier than ever.

No need to worry about a difficult result uploading process. The app detects that the correct distance has been completed and allows participants to send results with one push of a button.

Available on iOs and Andoid
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