3 Reasons Why Your Camp Needs Virtual Content & Programs

Virtual content allows your camp to accommodate more campers and families.
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As a camp leader, you’re always seeking new ways to drive growth for your programs, improve profitability and deliver more flexible service for your community. So why not take your programs and classes online? Virtual content allows your camp to accommodate more campers and families, even while in-person participation is vastly restricted. Your organization can use these virtual offerings to scale more efficiently, connect with new audiences and provide the exceptional service your community deserves.

Camper Needs & Expectations Are Changing

It’s never been more important for camps to offer programs in the online space. In 2020, the focus behind this virtual push for camps was staying compliant with social distancing recommendations. What camps have discovered since then is that the demand for virtual content extends far beyond mandates and safety requirements: Today’s campers and families expect flexible online programs that complement their busy schedules—and allow them to stay active and engaged from the comfort of their own homes. 

Taking the Tactile Camp Experience Online

Convenience, interaction and versatility. These are all powerful benefits you can deliver for your customers with virtual camp programs. The challenge here is creating valuable, engaging content that’s on par with your camp’s traditional in-person experience. Thankfully, it’s more than possible with the right software tools—and a pinch of creativity. 

Take art camps, for instance. Due to the pandemic, many art camps were required to pivot their tactile activities (such as painting or sculpting classes) into virtual offerings in 2020. To adapt to this new demand, successful programs used a combination of virtual content and the best class camp management software for art camps:

Virtual Content & Class Management Software

Virtual content for art camps can range from short video tutorials on painting to virtual interactive instruction through video calls. Online art programs can use simple, easy-to-access art tools, like pencils, LEGOs or even basic paper for Origami, to facilitate discussion and learning opportunities. Online art classes are split into various age groups to deliver age-appropriate lessons, and leverage specialized instructors and content to accommodate children or participants with special needs

Class management software empowers any camp leader to reduce paperwork, save administrative resources and make getting classes in front of the right campers simple. These user-friendly tools enable quick and seamless online class registration, flexible program booking, waitlist management and secure payment processing—all on one comprehensive solution. You can even leverage this class management software to offer gear and other in-registration merchandise sales, creating new and innovative ways to engage with camp families and offer value while adhering to health and safety measures. 

Virtual Content Drives Registrations & Income

Bringing your program online lets you connect with more participants: locally, out of state and even across the world. Virtual camp content vastly extends the reach of your services to new cities, states and communities, unlocking powerful opportunities for growth and revenue. By investing in virtual content and programs, you can out-scale competing camps by expanding your pool of viable customers, without the need for additional facilities or staff. 

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is a perfect example. Like other well-known programs, Beardsley Zoo invested in virtual camp content in 2020 to maintain participation and serve its community during the pandemic. The zoo’s new virtual summer camp program was a hit, leveraging video streaming and other innovative technologies to teach kids about various animals while maintaining social distancing. This new capability allows the zoo to extend their services beyond Connecticut, earning registrations from New York and other states. 

Whether you’re a summer camp looking to boost registrations or an educational camp trying to fill more classes year-round, virtual content and class management software are ideal tools to expand your audience and increase registrations for your programs. 

Virtual Camp Programs Save You Time & Stress

One of the most taxed resources you have as a camp leader is time. You’re constantly coordinating services, building new program initiatives and providing support for campers and families in your community. So why not use online content to free up more time and run your camp more efficiently?

With the right virtual content and class management software, it’s easy to bring your program online and engage with more camp families. Virtual classes and resources take a fraction of the time and effort to build and distribute. Instead of coordinating locations and managing occupancy limits, you can service any number of participants through online offerings—such as videos and live-streamed courses. 

The best class camp management software works in tandem with your virtual camp program to streamline administrative tasks and make your work easier. Our Camp & Class Manager includes a full Virtual Programs Toolkit, complete with a range of useful tools to simplify registrations, marketing and communication, including:

  • Email Tools
  • Customized Landing Pages
  • Built-In Merchandise & Supplies Tools
  • Virtual Classroom Support
  • Online Donation Tools

Take Your Camp Programs Online with ACTIVE Network

Contact ACTIVE to learn more about our powerful solutions for camps—and how you can deploy them to grow online camp registrations today. Our experts can walk you through our full range of technologies and help you find the best class camp management software for your unique goals.

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April 1, 2021
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