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ACTIVE's software will streamline existing technology, increase accessibility and enhance trust in your government, making simple tasks a breeze for citizens and you alike—rather than something that's avoided at all cost.

All-in-one payment solution

With Payment Manager, you can consolidate all municipality bills and fees into one easy-to-use place, making payments a cinch for your citizens.

  • Citizens can pay multiple bills and fees across departments within one easy-to-use platform thanks to the online self-service payment portal.
  • Walk-up payments are made easy with the ability to accept many forms of payments. Plus, the mobile app allows you to take payments anywhere.
  • Have peace of mind knowing your community's information is kept private as ACTIVE is independently assessed for compliance to various security standards.

Do more with less with Robotic Process Automation

ACTIVE’s RPA service enables faster processing and verification of government assistance applications for your organization. Reduce costs, improve the customer experience, increase productivity and more with this all-in-one solution.

  • Processes applications submitted through self-service channels, identifying relevant information according to application requirements.
  • Validates information on documents and forms with government assistance programs like SNAP, Medicaid and governmental grants.
  • Directs applications to designated systems for final approval or review, and alerts staff to any case requiring human judgment.
Let the numbers do the talking
See why digitizing citizen engagement is worth the effort.
Of local governments rely on social media, virtual events & online services for citizen engagement
Citizens expect constant access to critical services and information
Of local governments streamlined communication of important info with digital tools

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How Local Governments Can Streamline Payment Management

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