Taking Confirmation Emails to the Next Level đź’Ś

This new upgrade gives you greater control over how your participants receive their event information.
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We are excited to announce our newest feature—100% fully customizable confirmation emails! This new upgrade will allow your team to put your brand at the center of the email experience, giving you greater control over how your participants receive their event information. Let’s dive into this powerful new tool and what it means for your events.

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Design your own confirmation email

With this new update, you can create confirmation emails that are fully designed by your team, with content arranged as needed for your event. You can insert your own marketing elements, highlights, and event info, and of course combine that with the standard confirmation email elements like registration details, OnSite check-in QR Code, additional purchases, and team info.  

Easily add your event's referral links to encourage your recently registered participants to share and invite their friends to grow your event. The possibilities with our email customization options are endless!  

Create multiple emails for different categories

Using fully custom emails, you can create multiple confirmation emails for different categories. For example, if you have a charity race category, you can create a custom confirmation email specifically for that category so that all charity runners get an email tailored just for them.

Make it easier for participants to manage their registration

The Registration Details component has been enhanced with a new level of convenience—direct button links to self-edit options! With the click of a button, participants will be able to quickly and easily transfer categories or manage their registration right from your confirmation emails. Make event navigation easier than ever!

Connect with participants in their language with new multi-lingual confirmation emails

Make sure all your event attendees feel welcome and informed, and create a more accessible experience by providing multi-lingual confirmation emails! With this, all of your attendees will have a clear understanding of their registration and receive an improved user experience. Make it easier for patrons registering for events with large percentages of foreign speakers to understand and interact more clearly, leading the way for improved communications all around. Setting these up is super simple, and participants will automatically receive the email in their preferred language.

Registration confirmation to finish line fun

Our customizable confirmation emails make it easier than ever before to engage with customers on a personal level and provide them with an enriched experience. Our goal is always to ensure that every customer’s journey through their event is as smooth as possible from beginning to end, including when they receive their confirmation email. With this new update, we are excited to be able to offer even more flexibility and customization options so that you can create the best possible experiences for your attendees!  

Try out our customizable confirmation emails for your event. To get started, simply select Fully Customize Content from the Emails Sent Out step of Event Setup. Please also be on the lookout for our next webinar, which will review how to create stunning emails, as well as showcase example emails created by other events.

March 21, 2023
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